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Skogman Companies celebrates 75 years of excellence in real estate

By Tara Thomas Gettman, for The Gazette

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, Skogman Companies is a family-owned business currently run by the fifth generation of Skogmans.

“Our passion for all things real estate shines through in our commitment to the communities we serve. No other company buys and sells as much real estate in the Corridor as Skogman Realty does,” said Jeff Janssen, vice president of marketing.

The Skogman family of companies includes Skogman Realty, with offices in Coralville, Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha and Manchester. They also have a Commercial Realty division, Skogman Insurance Company, D&B Remodeling, Home Repair Team remodeling company and Skogman Homes new home building company.

Being part of this year’s Iowa City Home Show gives the company a chance “to showcase all of the real estate services our Skogman Companies has available to people living in the Corridor,” Janssen said.

It wasn’t until the 1940s that the Skogmans settled in Iowa. But the family’s commitment to craftsmanship began much earlier.

“The Skogman Family’s rich tradition in carpentry started in the 1800s when Olaf Skogman was a carpenter in Sunne, Sweden,” says Janssen. “His son Nels worked on several large public projects including City Hall in Stockholm. The Skogmans emigrated to the United States in 1903 and settled in Omaha.”

In 1944, the Skogman Family found its permanent home when Erick moved to Cedar Rapids. He was joined by his son Roy, and in 1947 Skogman Construction was incorporated. After World War II, the company grew into the largest builder in Iowa, at one point building over 300 homes a year.

In the 1970’s, Roy’s four sons joined the business and it continued to expand, including multi-family and commercial projects. In 1973, Skogman Realty was founded, and in 1989, Skogman Companies purchased what is now Skogman Carlson Insurance.

Janssen reminds those coming out to the Home Show that home improvements can be a great way to maintain or increase the value of your home.

Here is Skogman’s list of home improvement benefits to consider in maintaining the value of your home:

  1. Increased curb appeal: Improving the exterior of your home, such as landscaping, replacing the front door or adding a new coat of paint can improve the curb appeal of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

  2. Improved functionality: Making improvements that improve the functionality of your home, such as upgrading the heating and cooling systems or replacing old windows, can increase the value of your home by making it more comfortable and efficient.

  3. Upgraded finishes: Replacing outdated finishes, such as old carpet or worn out countertops, with newer and more modern materials can give your home an updated and refreshed look that can increase its value.

  4. Increased living space: Adding living space, such as a new room or finished basement, can increase the value of your home by providing more functional space for living, entertaining or storage.

  5. Energy efficiency improvements: Making energy-efficient upgrades, such as installing a new roof, insulation, or energy-efficient appliances, can reduce energy costs and make your home more attractive to buyers who are looking for cost-effective and eco-friendly homes.

  6. Reduced maintenance costs: Upgrading or replacing major systems and components, such as the roof or HVAC system, can help prevent costly repairs down the line, thereby reducing overall maintenance costs and increasing the value of your home.

“Overall, home improvement can be a great investment in maintaining or increasing the value of your home. However, it’s important to balance the costs and benefits of home improvements and focus on upgrades that will provide the most value for your investment,” Janssen said.

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