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To Remodel or Build New….That is the Question

 By Kevin McCreedy, McCreedy-Ruth Construction

 This is a question we often hear from customers: “Should we remodel or just build new?” Sometimes that is a difficult one to answer. There are many different reasons why one would be better than the other. After talking with our customers, it brings up a lot of questions that they need to answer.

What to Ask
Some of those questions are: Do we like our neighborhood? Do we like our location? Are we happy with the school our kids are in? How long do we plan on staying in this house if we do remodel? Will the cost of the remodel be a good return on our investment in the long run? What are houses around us selling for?  How much money could be invested back into the home based on current selling prices?

Answers to these questions and others help us, as a professional builder/remodeler, guide our customers into better decision making. It is important to talk to a professional about your needs and wants and have the discussion about both options. Spending some money upfront to have designs drawn and to get estimates will help you make those decisions and send you in the right direction.

Go with a Professional
Keep in mind not every builder is a remodeler and not every remodeler is a builder. Check The Greater Iowa City Area Home Builders Association membership directory at to find a trusted, local expert that best fits your needs and support local businesses invested in your community.

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