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Properly Ordering Remodel Projects Saves Time and Money

By Andy Martin, Martin Construction 

One of the most frequent calls we get at Martin Construction is from a home owner who has a wish list of projects. The list may appear to be related, something like windows and siding, or they may seem to be a grab bag, such as a front door, the hall bathroom and flooring on the main level. Often the whole process can be daunting.

I often say that any problem with a house can be fixed, and that is true, but if the work is done in the proper order, it will save time, money and aggravation in the end. This is the case within a project – for example, it’s usually a lot easier to run the bathroom wiring before the insulation and drywall are up – and it’s also the case with a group of projects.

To use my example project mentioned earlier, it might seem like a good idea to get a small project completed first. You could put the front door in before tackling the flooring or the bathroom, but what if that door is the best access for the bathroom? Then we run the risk of damaging that nice new front door with tools and building supplies.

Granted, as remodelers we safely move material through finished spaces all day, every day, but it would make sense to eliminate one risk, and put the door in after the bathroom is done. The same thing applies for the new flooring. Why risk damage to a surface when it can be avoided? In this example, I’d suggest the bathroom first, then the flooring and the front door last. It could be all done as one project, or as three separate projects. The process is the same either way.

Remodeling is not rocket science, but it is a complicated and highly detailed series of events. There are projects within the grasp of most home owners, but if you have bigger goals and dreams, an experienced remodeler can help guide you past the pitfalls and setbacks, and make those complicated projects smooth and efficient, with beautiful results.

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