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Turn to a Professional; Avoid the Do-It-Yourself Downfalls

By Barbara Messer, Kitchens By Design

We’re in the Do It Yourself (DIY) era, where online videos make it look easy and cheaper to take on any home-improvement project. It’s great that home owners want to be creative and challenge themselves. However, there are many downsides to the DIY route – things that can cause stress, increase expenses and produce an end result that doesn’t meet your vision and makes you unhappy.

Looking at DIY downfalls from the kitchen perspective, we at Kitchens By Design have fielded countless calls from home owners who’ve gotten into a project and needed help to fix it. We work with the client and end up providing a more professional, functional design with which they are satisfied and for the same amount of money or less than it would’ve cost to do it on their own.

DIY Kitchen Mistakes
Some of the mistakes we’ve seen with DIY kitchens, include:

  • Measurement Errors. The wrong size dimensions cause many problems.
  • Missed Plumbing. This may conflict with drawers if not accommodated for.
  • Blocked Electrical Outlets. You might put a cabinet in front of an electrical outlet because you want it inside the cabinet, but many times that’s not the case and it causes the loss of a usable outlet.
  • Off Center Lighting. If the lights are installed but not where you really want them, how do you accommodate that?
  • Walkway Blockage. Cabinet doors that open toward each other leave nowhere to move.
  • Off Center Sink. In front of a window, sinks are centered. Sometimes an offset sink is desired, but often it’s unplanned making the home owner dissatisfied.
  • Disrupted Work Area Flow. Poor planning prevents you from efficiently using the kitchen how you want to among the cooktop, refrigerator and oven.
  • Corners Gone Wrong. Drawers, dishwasher doors not opening correctly in corners due to not knowing what clearances to leave.
  • Wrong Size Openings. Without properly sizing the refrigerator space, you can find the appliance doesn’t fit or doors above it won’t open.

If you think your DIY plan is good but want to be sure, Kitchens By Design is happy to look it over and provide ideas while bidding the cabinets and countertops for you so you can see how competitive we are for product. That way you can do it yourself, but tap into expert advice as well as find cabinets, light fixtures and more for your remodel.

Professional Advantages
Unsure about going it alone? Consider how much you gain from working with a small business that has years of experience. Some advantages to hiring a local professional kitchen designer are:

  • Options. We can take the same kitchen and make it look four different ways to fit your needs. Professionals walk you through all options – something you won’t get at big-box store. You get a good design and product that will last.
  • Decisions Input. We can tell you the pros and cons of every decision that needs to be made, such as why a pull-out spice rack may not work long term. We hear a lot of clients say, “Oh I didn’t realize that – thank goodness. That would’ve driven me crazy.” We also can help with color selections.
  • Save Money. Planning with a professional avoids the aforementioned mistakes so you don’t end up stuck with a nonreturnable cabinet or spending more to fix things. We can be competitive with big-box and online stores. Plus, it saves you time and frustrations.
  • Service. If there’s an issue with your project, we are there to work through any situation and remedy it. We can replace items years later if a warranty issue occurs. Also, we’re easily accessible and respond in a timely manner.

For home-improvement endeavors, it just makes sense to use someone who is experienced and a specialist at their craft. You get peace of mind during the process and in knowing your project was done right.

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