Ask the Expert: Bea Day Plumbers

Remodeling Options Can Be Extensive or Simple

By Josh Anderson, Bea Day Plumbers

If you’ve been through a remodel during the past, or are thinking about your first one, the choices can be daunting.

Getting Around
The first step I always start with is what you envision for the space. If you have a kitchen that feels closed in and cramped, consider taking out a wall to open the space to the dining room and family area. If your kitchen is a pain to move around in or doesn’t “flow” well, you could relocate certain fixtures to better suit your needs.

If you have a bathroom that feels and looks outdated, one solution is to tear it all out and start new. This can involve expanding into square footage of an adjoining room; reconfiguring the fixture layout; changing from a tub to larger shower; and other possibilities. There are many options

Updates Transform
If the layout of your bathroom or kitchen works, then you have no need to change much. Sometimes what’s needed is just giving the space a “face lift.”

In the bathroom, this can be as simple as a new countertop, faucet, flooring or toilet. If you like the size, layout and fixture locations in your kitchen, consider a refresh with new countertops, a sink and faucet. You can even paint the cabinets a lighter color to brighten up the room.

Experienced remodelers can help guide you through what to expect and check off your wish list. Bea Day Plumbers has been in business for more than four decades, and we’ve seen trends come in and out of style. We can help you avoid mistakes and make the most out of investing in your home remodel.

Whether you’re purchasing a house needing renovations, have been in the same place for 15 years or are planning to age in your forever home during retirement, there are many remodeling options to make your house a home.

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